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“Thank you for helping people with lupus cope through the pandemic and look ahead with hope.”

Leanne Mielczarek, Executive Director, Lupus Canada


Dear Friend of Lupus Canada,

Thank you so much for your support during the pandemic. As you know, people suffering from lupus have compromised immune systems, making them more vulnerable to the coronavirus. We could not have been able to continue working on their behalf without you.

The pandemic has shown many Canadians what people with lupus live with every day: the lurking shadow of severe illness, and never knowing when, or if, it will strike. It has also taught us about hope, something lupus patients also know well.

Personally, I believe that hope is the strength we have to carry on during the toughest days. Your loyal support is a source of strength that gives us hope for a better 2021, and a possible future without lupus.

The important work of Lupus Canada did not slow down during the pandemic, and we intend to continue and expand in the year ahead. Here are some highlights of what you have helped achieve in 2020:

  • Protecting drug access for lupus patients. Remember hydroxychloroquine being touted as a COVID-19 treatment? That false belief put supplies of the drug at risk, and many lupus patients depend on it. We wasted no time in reaching out to governments to ensure that people with lupus would be guaranteed access to the hydroxychloroquine they need.
  • Research. You may have read recently of new lupus drugs available. That’s the goal of the research you help fund – to find better therapies and possibly a cure. We are also excited about new studies into pregnancy and lupus, in the hopes of better predicting which mothers with lupus might experience problems, and how to help.
  • Scholarships for students. You’ve helped 8 deserving students with lupus continue their studies through our scholarship program. Students with lupus often do not have the stamina or consistent good health to work and study at the same time, making scholarships vital to achieving their hopes.
  • Advocacy and Public Awareness. Lupus is often overshadowed by more well-known diseases. A big part of what we do is raise awareness of the disease and its challenges. Lupus Canada works to ensure that supportive policies are created and implemented to meet the needs of people with lupus.

The year 2021 looks to be another busy year of advocacy, research, awareness and hope.

We’re lowering our expenses so your donations go further and achieve more.

The pandemic has shown that we at Lupus Canada can work just as productively at home as in the office. From now on, all Lupus Canada staff will work from their homes. We will no longer have the expense of maintaining a central office. That means more of the money from donors like you can go directly to programs.

We pay close attention to keeping our costs to an absolute minimum. We are a small organization with only a few staff members performing many tasks. We are fortunate to have the contributions of several wonderful volunteers.

To support advocacy, research and scholarships in 2021 please visit

As Thomas, a volunteer member of the Lupus Canada board says, “My hope for 2021 is a more inclusive and equitable society coming out of the pandemic, one that better supports those living with lupus.”

With your help, that hope can become a reality. Thank you.


Leanne Mielczarek

Executive Director, Lupus Canada

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