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As the only national organization dedicated to lupus research, advocacy, public awareness and patient support, Lupus Canada plays a leadership role in drawing upon the best resources from across the country and focuses on priorities that benefit all Canadians and their families who are impacted by lupus. No other organization provides a bigger opportunity to make an impact on lupus and those who live with it.

A recent survey conducted by Lupus Canada revealed that 58% of respondents believed that their lupus strongly impacts their ability to participate in daily life. In response to this survey Lupus Canada is launching, Healthy Living With Lupus, an awareness and fundraising campaign. This campaign aims to focus on how Canadians living with lupus can improve their physical and mental health to better participate in their daily lives. The Healthy Living With Lupus campaign will take place from August 3rd 2021 to August 27th 2021.

Lupus Canada would like to collaborate with Canadians living with lupus to help promote healthy living and wellness. With your assistance Lupus Canada will engage with our communities and provinces across Canada to discuss the importance of living a healthy lifestyle with lupus, mentally and physically. Due to the nature of this debilitating disease living a healthy lifestyle will look different for each person.

This virtual campaign is crucial to supporting those who live with lupus, as well as, working to create more resources for those in need. Lupus Canada hopes to use our social media reach to promote this campaign. #HealthyLivingWithLupus seeks to gather 1,000 photographs of people living with lupus around the world to raise lupus awareness. Lupus is known as the “Disease of a Thousand Faces” due to its wide-ranging symptoms and ability to mimic other diseases.

Help Lupus Canada and join the movement by taking a picture* of yourself so we can showcase the many faces of lupus and email or tag Lupus Canada on social media! It is easy to compare your health and body to others but remember that living a healthy lifestyle is about YOU and your journey. By gathering 1,000 pictures of people living with this complex disease, Lupus Canada wants to showcase that healthy living looks and is different for each body.

We hope that the Lupus Canada community will help us to move the dial forward and make a difference in the lives of Canadians living with lupus.

* Lupus Canada will use the pictures with the purpose of putting together a final poster of all the submissions once the campaign is finished. Please note that we will not be posting individuals pictures of each submission on our main social media feeds.


Steve Ramos is owner and founder of Daily Fitpak. He is a certified personal trainer who focuses on strengthening both body and mind. Through his own experiences, he has found that to live a happy and meaningful life we need to heal ourselves physically and mentally. That is how we become the best versions of ourselves. Steve is a: Certified Personal Trainer, Movement and Mobility Specialist, Mindset and Meditation Trainer, and is Durability Certified.

Steve will be co-starring in Lupus Canada’s, Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Lupus, series that will entail three videos that focus on how lupus patients can strive to live a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically, while living with lupus. To learn more information please visit Steve`s Instagram page @FitPak.

Michelle Gazze headshot

Michelle Gazze is a purpose driven Communications and Community Engagement professional with over 10 years of experience leading strategy, development and execution of social impact initiatives and campaigns for non –profit, private and public organizations. Managing sponsorships, events and building community partnerships for True North Sports & Entertainment, CBC Manitoba and diverse not for profits has provided Michelle with a unique perspective in philanthropy, donor relations and community investment.

Diagnosed with Lupus in 2016, her commitment to help advance awareness of Lupus leads her to share her own healing journey and the integrative approaches she has explored to help manage her Lupus through meditation, nutrition, lifestyle and mobility. Michelle Gazze will be co-starring in Lupus Canada’s, Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Lupus video series.


Join Lupus Canada this August for our Healthy Living With Lupus Campaign! Read below to see what social media activities we have planned:

Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Lupus

Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Lupus social media series will focus on three Q&A videos between Steve Ramos and Michelle Gazze discussing three themes: Meditation and Lupus, Mobility and Movement and Mindset.

Loonies for Lupus Campaign – Help Lupus Canada improve the lives of people living with lupus!

In 2020 Lupus Canada launched the Loonies For Lupus campaign as a creative/unique way to help FUNdraise for such a special cause. Last year we raised over $1,100! We are happy to once again present this campaign from August 3rd to August 20th and hope that everyone is as excited as we are to see the creativity of your jars and watch the them fill up!

To get started all you need is a jar and some spare change! Consider throwing in a loonie into the jar for those moments when you couldn’t get that morning coffee, ice cream with the kids or lunch with a friend/colleague or just have some spare change floating around.

This year as part of our Health and Wellness Summer Campaign our goal is to raise $1,000 in recognition of the thousand faces of lupus! For every $50 donation or greater to the Loonies for Lupus campaign Lupus Canada will send you a special edition Lupus Canada mini flashlight as our way of saying thank you. It gets even better, submit a photo of your jar and you will be entered to win a lupus gift pack!

Every loonie is a step towards a ‘Life Without Lupus’. We are grateful to have a community of people such as yourselves who support us and are committed to bringing awareness and increasing research opportunities to lupus especially during these unprecedented times.  Together we can make a difference.

Please click to donate to the Loonies For Lupus Campaign.

Thank you for your support!

Loonies For Lupus Contest

Show off your creativity by decorating your ‘Loonies For Lupus’ jars and sending it to Lupus Canada! Please follow the instructions below for a chance to win a lupus gift pack! The winner will be decided based on the most original jar! We cannot wait to see your jars!


  1. Show off your creativity by decorating your ‘Loonies For Lupus’ jars.
  2. Take a picture with your jars.
  3. Tag @LupusCanada with the hashtag #LooniesForLupus
  4. Include and complete the sentence, “My loonies are for …. (i.e. my mother who lives with lupus)

Social Media Giveaway

Janice LeBlanc – Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Art Therapist, Certified Trauma and Resilience Specialist, EMDR Therapist

Lupus Canada is excited to welcome back Janice LeBlanc. Janice LeBlanc, a Registered Psychotherapist with over 20 years of clinical experience will be assisting Lupus Canada with a social media giveaway where Janice LeBlanc will be collaborating with Lupus Canada by donating a 1 hour Zoom therapy consultation for one lucky winner of our social media giveaway. Please keep an eye on our social media as we release more information.

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