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Newest lupus drug in 60 years discovered in Canada, approved in USA

Lupus Canada is pleased to learn of the recent FDA approval of Lupkynis. While it is very exciting that new medications are being approved in the United States, with over 1 in 1000 Canadians living with lupus there is not enough treatment options within Canada. Being the only national organization dedicated to lupus research, advocacy, public awareness and patient support, we work to ensure all Canadian lupus patients have easy and equitable access to lupus specific medications.  Lupus Canada strongly urges the Government of Canada to approve more options for lupus drugs like Lupkynis to better support Canadians living with lupus. A made in Canada treatment to lupus, must be available to Canadians living with lupus.

Lupus Canada Informational Survey

Lupus Canada shared a survey with our lupus community to gather information about lupus patients experiences with symptoms of lupus. This information is not for research but will be used to support and inform applications to Health Canada by pharmaceutical companies as part the regulatory requirements to bring drugs to market. The survey results are summarized without identifiers. This data will be shared with pharmaceutical companies to support applications for drug approval to Health Canada. The survey results may help regulators and health technology assessment bodies to understand what the benefit of new treatments is and who would benefit most from them, thereby improving their ability to make new treatments available for people with lupus. Please click on the link below to view the survey results.

Ontario’s leading arthritis centre – “The Arthritis Program” (TAP) at Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, Ontario – will be closing on January, 2021, leaving TAP patients stranded and lost in the middle of a pandemic. To learn more please watch the video below.

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