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Lupus: The Disease With A Thousand Faces

Chapter 7: Symptoms Indicating Lupus Flare

It is important to note that this list of symptoms applies only to patients with a diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus. In addition, remember that lupus is often a disease that repeats itself. Be on the lookout for a return of symptoms that were experienced at the beginning or onset of your disease.

  1. Persistent (continuing) fatigue which is out of proportion to what you consider your normal fatigue
  2. Persistent weakness
  3. Aching all over without any obvious reason
  4. Persistent fever (In order to establish that you have fever, take your temperature every six hours and write down the results.)
  5. Persistent loss of appetite
  6. Involuntary weight loss
  7. Excessive and persistent hair loss
  8. Recurrent (repeated) nose bleeds
  9. Sores on the roof of the mouth which burn when spicy foods are eaten
  10. Unexplained rash anywhere on the body
  11. Persistent hives
  12. Skin ulcers
  13. Recurrent pain in the joints
  14. Swelling of one or several joints
  15. Persistent joint stiffness upon wakening in the morning
  16. Chest pain which increases when breathing in
  17. Unusual shortness of breath
  18. Coughing up blood
  19. Persistent, unusual headache
  20. Persistent nausea and vomiting
  21. Recurrent or persistent pain in the abdomen
  22. Persistent and worsening swelling of the feet and legs
  23. Persistent swelling of the eyelids
  24. Blood in the urine or in the stools
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